Below are a few rules that will help avoid straining relations with colleagues.

- Correctly select the place of work. A good deal of conflict arises from the dissatisfaction of the employee. For example, you may not make minimum wage or impossibility of career growth. Remember that prior to employment, this information can be updated by the applicant. Therefore, it is foolish to blame others if you do not care about their own future.

- Learn duties and responsibilities. Ignorance of its function often leads to conflicts. Stick to the instructions and perform faithfully all the duties that are assigned to the position. Do not allow employees to delegate tasks that they must solve on their own.

- Listen to the opinions of others. Each person has their own point of view, just need to be able to listen to a colleague. Any situation is part of the workflow.

- Eliminate possible reasons for the deterioration of relations. For example, be polite and punctual.

- Avoid gossip. Usually, gossip give rise to interpersonal conflicts. If you eliminate an unpleasant incident at work simply, the conflict with the individual threatens the deterioration of relations.

If there is a conflict situation with a colleague, you should take the following steps:

- To refrain from retaliation. This does not mean that you have to endure the insults in his address. If the employee wishes to provoke further conflict, then stop the communication.

- Not to talk about this with other colleagues because words can be misinterpreted and handed over to the offended employee.

- To avoid emotional reactions. Agree that it would be foolish to quit my favorite job because of one conflict. Also, do not cry in front of employees. If tears come to the eyes, go for neutral territory. It will give a chance to calm down and think things over a bit.

To speak with a supervisor. Sometimes the offended person tries to substitute a colleague. In this case, you should contact the supervisor. It should be noted that this situation reduces the efficiency of the team.