Every person has a certain degree of selfishness. Trying to do someone nice, we all expect a positive reaction. This mutual exchange of a habit, and causes people to be dependent on other people's emotions, feelings, experiences. Discord in love/working/friendly relations traditionally occurs with scandals. Any disagreement is some kind of game giveaway, where every being the provocation of the opponent, thus showing their weaknesses, but at the same time trying to win. This tactic usually leads to nervous exhaustion, constant worries and loss of self-esteem. To keep all of it will help a great reception – ignoring.

Demonstrative contempt

A proven formula for success in relationships – to keep a person in the distance. If a man, he will react to ostentatious coldness women and try to conquer it, if a jealous colleague, a complete disregard of it can be mislead and forced to slow down the pace of competition. His coldness to a man interested in you you show him your superiority. When a response to the provocation of the foe is complete disregard, the ability to manipulate you, he disappears. This technique was used by medieval kings and politicians, because in the past all the relationships were built solely on trust.

The hunger for information

If you are going to wage cold war with the use of ignoring, it is important to adhere to the chosen tactics. No wonder all the defense departments of the world there are scouts. Do not tell your plans to the enemy, do not frighten him with threats, keep to yourself and people close to him. Due to the sudden arising of an information lull the opponent, he will begin to look for ways of rapprochement with you (unless, of course, it doesn't support your "the game"). Ignoring is a great way of vengeance an emotional person. If your abuser is one of those, feel free to use it, watching from the experiences of the victim.

The death of the relationship

More than ignoring react loved ones. Do not attempt thus to indicate to you dear man for his mistakes, because this will not work. But this method can lead to a complete collapse of relations. In matters of love, ignoring will be a real blow to the feelings of the partner, because he will be deprived of the coveted attention of cute to him. In relation to loved ones this way revenge is more violent than an open Declaration of hostility. Using ignore, you become independent of other people's opinions, and therefore immune. However, we must remember that such isolation can cause temporary loneliness, therefore, to use this technique only when absolutely necessary.