Heed to their professional activities as an art of survival, feel like a ratliving in the sewers. Don't look at the world through rose-colored glasses and do not expect compassion, start to calculate all constantly, really appreciate all the chances and opportunities to gracefully avoid all the traps that put you competitors. To do this, more time spend on observation and analysis, your attacks should be rare and quick, but effective.
Real rat should have authority. Except that you have in virtue of the office, learn to use one that others have, search for your required services, deficient knowledge, make friends with those who can make your life easier. Learn to control the structure of the organization, view it as an object of logistics. Try to become a man, in whose hands are concentrated the threads of power, use the whole repertoire of a schemer. To redistribute the balance of power did not disdain anything – use technology, know all the formalities, do not neglect your body as a source of power.
Learn the most effective techniques used by the rats. Hide your true nature, the real rat is not recognized. Swipe in your Department is the front line, and stir up of peers on each other. These skills will help you to get rid of the Manager and to sabotage of the head so that about it nobody will know. Be unpredictable so that nobody could assume, how you behave and which way to turn. Use the weaknesses of others for their own benefit.
Use expectant, consider the initial move, the game and the final blow, plan them in advance, but learn to lose with dignity, so that some time be defeated by a rat, preparing new moves and attacks. Be prepared for the fact that after losing the battle for something really important, to leave this place of work, otherwise the enemy will just wipe you feet.
Control your animal instincts: pride, thirst of destruction and aggression with intelligence. Take breaks to think about the situation, find a buddy with whom you can share your plans. Don't focus on the fight.