Simple ways to cope with the boor

Unfortunately, rude is not even afraid of people in the performance of official duties, although they could face dismissal or other trouble. So could behave police officers, doctors, salesmen, teachers, conductors, janitors, etc. the easiest way to punish a person in this case is to calmly request that he call your name, name and patronymic, and position, and then record this information to complain to the authorities. If we are talking about the worker in the institution, you can request the complaint book or call the head. You end up without scandals and unnecessary spending of nerves will be able to achieve a good punishment for ham.
If you are rude in the shop and other buyers begin to step in to their faster service, calmly and politely inform the seller as bad and react to them when the turn comes.

Strange but true: one of the best ways to punish the ham – to regret it. Such people expect a negative reaction, they feed on other people's emotions. If you start to feel sorry for them, not only will not give them the desired, but also humiliated in front of others, and this is a serious blow to the self esteem of Hama. You can regret it in the context of his words: for example, if a person is loudly outraged that he dared to step on the foot, sincerely sympathize, ask yourself, "do not hurt the foot." Another option is to use a common phrase. Good options: "You must be a very unhappy person for acting like this" or "I'm so sorry that you have nothing more to do than be rude to strangers".

How to punish rudeness

If you are faced with rudeness in a public place, try to put your opponent in a bad light, to humiliate him. You do not need to use language or to be rude in response – enough to lead the conversation, constantly churning with the companion a peg or poddakivaya him. If you said, "Come in large numbers here, decent people can't get in," readily agrees: "Yes, it's awful how many people are coming!" The phrase "Dressed haphazardly, look like a Scarecrow" answer: "really, what am I?! We'll go to you, you'll change me?"
Use irony and bring the words of the interlocutor to the absurd. When people themselves begin to chuckle over the boor, he will no longer attack you, in order not to aggravate their situation.

Ignore CAD. Show this man that he is – an empty place. Imagine listening to music through headphones and did not hear his voice. Such neglect as strange, can be a good punishment for ham.