Set boundaries

If you are irritated by a coworker on a work of necessity often have to face, try to immediately set him some boundaries in communication. It is not necessary to be polite and to get closer with a person who you don't like, you don't have to do it. On the contrary, keep your distance with this employee. Communicate strictly on the job.

When you don't like that person violates your personal space, I will report it. Tell them that you are much more comfortable to communicate at a certain distance, and ask that we maintain a specified distance. Maybe a couple of times you have to remind people about your arrangement, but in the end, if you the adequate person, the desired effect you will achieve.

Perhaps you are annoyed the way your colleagues communicate. If he shows restraint and allows himself to get personal, not stesnyaytes upsetting him and remind him that you are at work, where you want to show less emotion, especially negative ones. Don't be afraid of conflict. If you show calmness and tact, the truth is on your side. In a pinch you can ask the guide to let you link with other people.

Be wiser

Try to keep calm, even if the behavior of your colleagues takes you out of yourself. Imagine between the two of you, which does not allow the negativity coming from the person to reach you. Perhaps this visualization will help you to remain indifferent in the presence of annoying you personality. Do not fall for provocations. Be stronger and wiser.

Try the best to understand a person you dislike. Maybe you are too critical towards him. Try to put yourself in the place of your colleague. Think about the fact that he can be objective reasons to behave in certain ways. Be tolerant to others. Maybe you hate in a person then that he is completely unlike you. This attitude is not entirely fair.

Do not take to heart what happens to you while performing work duties. Realize that work is not your whole life. Remember that you are a free man and entitled to change jobs or profession. Sometimes this understanding relieves tension and helps easier to relate to people with whom we communicate on duty.