You will need
  • a small video camera (e.g., mobile phone).
Contact security service. The employees of this Department can help in the calculation of the thief. They'll conduct an internal investigation and after a certain time can give you the name of the offender. However, the security may not always help you in this matter.
Attentively get accustomed to colleagues. Look at the behavior of each employee. Eyes of a thief often "run" in search of profit, and if he will lock eyes with you, he will immediately take the eye.
Talk with each employee. Alone tell your colleague that you know exactly what a thief is he, and his reaction and behavior. Evidence and proof you are unlikely to find, but these conversations will help you to figure out who is stealing valuable things.
Get a special powder and a flashlight. This powder is treated money. And when a man touches them, his hands would leave marks that can be seen using ultraviolet light. To calculate the thief must leave the marked bills in a prominent place, and when they lost, Shine on the hands of the employees.
Install a hidden camera. The intended action is important to tell your colleagues - it should be done in secret, otherwise the thief finds out about the impending trap. Set the camera to the place from which a clear view of the entire room. So you will be able to obtain irrefutable proof of guilt of a specific employee.
Go to the police. When theft occur regularly and calculate the thief alone does not work, you can contact the police. However, even the police are not always able to help you. Of course, they will hold a conversation with each employee, but is unlikely to be able to find the thief immediately. They can give special wallets filled with paint. When the wallet is opened, the package contained inside is broken and indelible ink splashed in the face of the thief.