Sowing sterility may be appointed after receiving bad results of the General analysis of urine. The urinary tract infection may indicate bacteriuria and pyuria (bacteria and leukocytes in the sample). In addition, the analysis is conducted by lumbar pains, periods of rapid and painful urinating, and also after treatment of urinary infection.
Take only the first morning urine. It is more concentrated, so the result of the study is reliable. Collection analysis should be preceded by a 4-hour rest. At this time, do not eat, drink or go to the toilet.
Sterilize the containers you will use to collect urine. Better if it is a glass jar with a wide neck. Not less convenient and disposable plastic containers, which are available in most pharmacies. During their use, no further manipulation is required.
The result of the analysis was accurate, requires not only the sterility of the packaging, but the cleanliness of the genital organs. If the sample gets bacteria of sebaceous glands, you will get unreliable result. It will serve as a basis for treatment, which in your case would be completely unnecessary. To avoid this, rinse with warm running water or boiled genitals, rinse thoroughly in skin folds. Do not use soap, it can also affect the result.
Collect the middle portion of urine. For this first portion of urine drain into the toilet, then replace the container and continue urinating. Latest jet also needs to be directed into the toilet.
Tightly close the container with the urine and for two hours take him to the lab. The sample is not subject to long-term storage, as this can distort the result.