Analysis of urine can be accurate only if a woman is properly get ready for it.
General analysis of urine is planned and to determine physical properties of urine (amount, color, odor, density, reaction), as well as the level of protein, glucose, ketone bodies, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and epithelial cells. In the absence of a variance, such analysis is carried out once a month in the first trimester, twice in the second and once a week in the past.
Collect urine for General analysis is performed in the morning, not before 4 to 6 hours after the last urination, and only after a toilet of the external genitalia. Use the second portion of urine volume of about 70 ml. failure to comply With hygiene increases the level of red blood cells and white blood cells in the urine, it is possible to get the elements of inflammation of the urethra. Container to collect the analysis needs to be clean. It is issued either in the lab or you sterilize it over steam for 5 -10 minutes after washing it with the brush with soap. To use better glass, not plastic container. You should not touch her body.Before collecting urine , you need to take a shower. Jet soul to send on the genitals, and unidirectional movements, front to back, wash them under warm running water.The analysis can be affected by the following factors: beets and vitamins, alcohol (deleted in less than 24 hours), medications and diet. In the presence of one or more factors is necessary to inform your doctor.
During pregnancy can require different types of analysis of urine to identify different kinds of pathology. One of them is the analysis of urine on Nechiporenko, in which going to an average portion of urine in the amount of 25 – 50 ml. It is prescribed for such diseases as pielonephrit and glomerulonephritis. Hygiene here have to be very careful.
Urine by the method of General seems to determine the functional ability of the kidneys. She is going throughout the day every three hours. For this purpose, eight bottles of indicating the time of collection of urine. Morning urine at six in the morning is poured into the toilet. For a three-hour period, urine issterile it should be in the same Bank, regardless of the frequency of urination. If one container is not enough, use the additional capacity. If in 3 hours you didn't go to the toilet, the Bank is empty. The storage of containers of produce in the fridge.
Analysis for determination of sugar in urine do when the suspicion for diabetes mellitus or other endocrine diseases. In a large, at least two liters, the capacity of going all daily urine from 9:00 until six in the morning the next day. At the end of the collection it is thoroughly mixed. 200 ml of urine is cast in a separate container, which will be analyzed.
A common analysis in pregnant women is the definition of urine output. He is appointed in the event of edema, and allows the physician to judge the number detained in the body fluid. Urine is collected daily, from six until six in the morning. Then count the number of the discharged liquid, which correlate with the amount of alcohol consumed per day.
Urine for culture is collected in the same way as according to the method Nechiporenko: required only the middle portion. Before collecting the vulva wash with boiled water without the use of antiseptic solutions. Hit them in the analysis can give false negative results.It is important to remember and follow all the above rules during the collection of analyses of urine. The slightest deviation from them may affect the correctness of the results. You must strictly maintain the hygiene. To collect urine to use only sterile glassware, storing urine which should be in a cool dark place, preferably in the fridge. Strict adherence to the above recommendations will help the doctor to correctly assess the health of the expectant mother.