The presence of bacteremia is determined only a special blood test for sterility. Bacteremia is an indication that the body is developing quite a serious ailment that must be treated. This analysis assigns relatively rare, usually before surgery or therapeutic treatment. It is necessary in order to determine the level of bacteria in the blood. After the treatment the analysis is repeated to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. It happens that during therapy a blood test for sterility is carried out 3-5 times. Do not be afraid, if you prescribe to repeat the analysis several times. It is only necessary to determine the dynamics of the ratio in the blood of certain bacteria.

When to take and how to prepare

To donate blood for sterility is usually prescribed on the day of admission to hospital, or if the initial therapy does not give desired result. Immediately after receiving the result of the prescribed treatment, as only fresh indicators of the characteristics of blood can provide adequate disease treatment. In the analysis looking for such microorganisms as Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, yeast, Escherichia coli and enterobacteria. And for some types of bacteria analyses must be undertaken several times in a row. He also shows sensitivity to drugs, which are classified as antibiotics. From the vein is taken up to 10 ml of blood is nothing new in the procedure no. A couple of days not to drink alcohol and eat unhealthy, fat and unhealthy food, to not smoke at least a couple hours before blood sampling.

Interpretation of result

The result in the laboratory will be known quickly enough. However, to determine what they say the results can only your doctor. At identical parameters result in different people may vary drastically. Do not attempt to search the Internet for your diagnosis on the obtained numbers. Various medications and your chronic illness may reject the result of this sowing. Yes, and a certain amount of certain bacteria in the blood may be normal for your body. But it can only identify the doctor who guides you throughout the disease and knows the characteristics of the applied therapy and the individual properties of your blood.