Not every clinic offers ideal conditions for visitors. Patients who have come for direction to the analysis must give recommendations of how it should be prepared to study. But in practice not always so.

Causes of nezainteresovani patients may be different, but the reality is that most of those who pass the tests in this plan is almost completely illiterate. For example, not everyone knows about how you should prepare for the urine collection to the date of the study.

How to pass a urine analysis

To obtain reliable research results, it is necessary to collect material. If you do not observe the rules of preparation of the test material, in the best case this leads to the need to re-do the analysis in the worst – the diagnosis is wrong and the treatment will be incorrectly assigned. The consequences of incorrect diagnosis will be quite heavy.

To pass urinalysis, better to use the so-called "morning" urine, i.e. one that is collected in the bladder during the night. You should first conduct a thorough washing of the external genitalia is necessary to wash towards the anus and not the opposite. You must then wipe dry with a clean linen cloth. Urine must be collected in clean, dried glassware – the use of ducks and pots will not work, because there can be stored substances, which would distort the correct picture analysis.

You should not use the first portion of urine is to raise the average, while in this case the flask to the body. After collecting the dishes with urine it is necessary to tightly close the lid.

Why is it necessary to take it morning urine

For analysis enough one hundred milliliters of urine should not be in the lab a quart jar to make a simple General analysis. Morning urine is such that the night was in the bladder or at least the last urination was at least six hours ago. Natural daily fluctuations of the characteristics of such urine is significantly reduced and thus, the examined parameters can be characterized more objectively than the material collected at a different time of day.

The irregularity of the urine can contribute to the fact that it will be found a large number of erythrocytes and leukocytes. So it will be difficult to diagnosis, so it is better to do things right than to result in confusion of physicians results of laboratory tests.