Bacteriological urine culture is performed as follows: a small amount of biological material is applied in a thin layer on a nutrient medium (agar, sugar broth). Then the tubes are placed in thermostat, where is maintained at a temperature optimal for growth and reproduction of bacteria. Then determine what bacteria are present in the biomaterial, if there are any pathogenic microorganisms. On average, a similar analysis is done up to 5 days.
During pregnancy bacterial urine culture is carried out not less than 2 times in early pregnancy and at week 36. In particular, when the production of women on the account in female consultation in a number of first tests, prescribe urine bacterial culture test for MRSA. If the expectant mother already has the disease of the bladder and kidneys, such an analysis will have to do it more often. In the period of pregnancy in women hormonal changes, there are physical changes, which include the extension of the ureters. It contributes to the development of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. The cultures of urine will help to identify the pathogen at an early stage of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment.
To get an accurate result, the collection of biological material necessary to follow a few rules. For analysis should be collected in a sterile container Central portion of first morning urine. You need to perform the hygiene of the external genitalia. The analysis to be more accurate, the urine must pass the lab within the hour. In the analysis results of urine culture during pregnancy lists all the microorganisms present in biological fluid: bacteria, fungi, protozoa.
The performance analysis results of the urine culture are determined in colony forming units per 1 ml (CFU/ml). A value of less than 1000 CFU/ml treatment is not required. If the value is in the range from 1,000 to 100,000 CFU/ml, the results would be considered questionable. In this case, the doctor will give direction for re-analysis. The figure above 100,000 CFU/ml indicates the presence of inflammation, infection, which require immediate treatment. To determine the sensitivity of bacteria to drugs, conduct a study, called antibacterial. It is performed to assign the most effective treatment. Bacteriological sowing again spend 3 weeks at the end of the medication.