Material for biochemical studies going during the day. Capacity for urine must be clean and dry. It is desirable that its volume was at least two to three liters.
Start collecting urine 6-7 am so at the same time the next day to finish the procedure. This is due to the fact that most laboratories adopt the material for the study not later than 8-9 hours.
At the appointed time, empty your bladder. The first morning portion of urine pour into the toilet, as it had developed by the kidneys during the night.
Pour entire urine allocated per day, in one bowl. The last portion collect at the same time the previous morning the collection was opened. Even if you do not feel the urge to urinate, need to empty the bladder force. If during the day, at least one portion of urine was not added to the total capacity, the result of research will not be objective. In this case, stop collection and start it again the next morning.
During the day, follow your usual drinking regime. Don't limit yourself in a liquid.
Mix all of the allocated per day fluid. Calculate its total volume.
Pour 50-100 ml of urine (depending on the specific requirements of the laboratory in a sterile container.
Attach to the container a piece of paper where you write the total amount allocated per night urine. Please also include your weight. These parameters will be necessary for the technician to estimate and obtain reliable test results.