You will need
  • folder;
  • - various documents.
The design portfolio of the pupil of initial classes start with a title page, put a picture of the child, indicate first name and surname. On the next page, add personal information, such as year and place of birth of the student, information about his parents, about family members.
Enable the "My interests", which specify which groups and sections visited by the child, what subjects are to him the most easily, and which cause trouble.
Add a section that can be called "successes and achievements", select it, in any event, the child has won prizes, attach diplomas and certificates that he was awarded. Photographs depicting the child's participation in various events and competitions, as well as videos. The results of the surveys and tests put also in this section.
One unit a portfolio of primary school students make the Chapter "the Products of creative activity". Place the most interesting pictures of the student crafts made by his hands (applique, embroidery, origami, etc.)
Finish portfolio section "Suggestions and feedback". Summarize the work of the child during the past school year and plan for the development of the individual student for the following year.
In the portfolio students of secondary and especially senior management, in addition to the above, it is important to include information on preprofile training. Specify formed does the high school career guidance what are his achievements in this field.
Turn in the student's portfolio of senior certificates of the various courses, competitions in which he participated. You can attach copies of documents about the end of sports, music or any other school, for example, English (if any).
In the end, your portfolio will place the wishes and opinions concerning the development of the individual student.