You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - ready work in electronic form.
First of all, to produce an electronic portfolio you should select some of their own works and properly execute their list. If it's a portfolio of a copywriter, we are talking about the lyrics that he ever wrote. If this is portfolio web designer, it is necessary to provide images of sites and products, which he did.
To start with the areas that you would like to demonstrate in their own portfolio. For example, if you are a copywriter, it can be advertising texts, texts for websites, slogans and mottos. Sort your work according to the directions and collect, in your opinion, the best. For each area optimally to provide a sufficient number of work – at least 10. Such diversity will help the potential employer to form an opinion about your skills and show how great your experience.
It is important to properly and nicely to design your own portfolio. If your portfolio consists of text files, then try to lead them to a single sample, using the same font, making each text. Create your portfolio in several different folders where work will be graded in the direction, theme, etc. Such a careful approach will help your customers quickly navigate your work and thus create an impression about you as a neat and Executive author.
The last important step – the placement portfolio. Place it where your work can find out the potential customer. If you have your own website - post your portfolio on it. But don't forget to save copies on electronic media, which is always with you. It is quite possible that a potential employer will meet you in a rather unexpected place.