There are three types of portfolio: "Portfolio documents", "Portfolio works" and "Portfolio reviews". Modern portfolio usually combines these three types is complex. When making a portfolio for the student of the graduating class, consider the following guidelines.
Will post on the first page of the photo students, indicate the name, surname and patronymic. This will be the title page.
Create a section "Official documents", which will place all the certified accomplishments Schoolgirls. These can be certificates of completion of courses, participation and winning in various contests, competitions, Olympiads; certificates of completion of the art or music schools (it is allowed the presence of copies of documents).
Add the following section: "the Creative works and social practices". The main document of this section – record book in which shall be entered information about the passage of the various elective courses within preprofile training. The section also presented a variety of creative and design work, the results of social practices.
The following portfolio section call "comments and recommendations". This part provides for various opinions on research, social practices, creativity, participation in conferences and in various types of activities of students.
Fill in the section "General information" which contains a summary, curriculum vitae in a free form and the document "My life plan". To written document a child must be treated with great deal of seriousness, and specifically describe your plans for the future.
Finish portfolio, see "Consolidated summary statement". Filling this statement, based on data from official documents, as well as materials in the gradebook.
Portfolio for primary school students and middle managers is made in a somewhat different vein, although some structural elements remain the same as in the previous type.As the first part of the portfolio, student elementary or middle school decorate the page with personal data (cover sheet, CV, and a story about themselves, about their plans, short term and long term).
Add unit "Achievements", which can include the following components: a form completed by the child titled "My achievements", creative works, essays, various articles of the students; diplomas and certificates received for the victory in various competitions.
The following unit portfolios make the head: "the Demonstration of the process of development of pupils in a particular area. This part will contain the following documents: • videos;• photos;• results of examinations, surveys, tests, examinations, drawings;• information that reflects the socially useful activity of the child;• completed forms: "Research, creative work; attendance at courses of further education"; "Individual courses".• the list of literature;• curriculum;• information on the various awards.
The last part of the portfolio students take a block: "Feedback", which will contain reviews and recommendations, as well as: "goals at the beginning of the school year and the end of the end of the school year."