In elementary school, it is still difficult to understand who the child will grow. It is important to identify all the facets of his talent. But because a portfolio of an elementary school student should organize as a kaleidoscope of Hobbies and creativity. To high school it will help to understand in which direction to move the child. In addition, if you collect a portfolio only certificates and diplomas beloved child, at this age it is easy to bring up Amateur racing for the surface recognition.
For portfolio you can buy a folder with transparent files, which are convenient to put all important records. The easiest way to make a cover sheet: on a sheet of A4 paper indicate the name and the child's name, date of birth, city, school, and class. For convenience, add an academic year at the bottom of the sheet.
The first section of your portfolio to dedicate to the identity of the author and the world around him. Therefore, it can be titles "My life", "I and the world" and the like. After the sheet of separator to the section name can vary the content. For example, to fill sheets with data about the city in which the child lives or about the history of his school. Also the section you can put filled by the child leaves with a story about the family (or genealogical tree), friends, teachers. The portfolio will be more colorful, if you Supplement it with photos.
The following section should take under the main occupation of the child that is in school. Call sheet-the separator can be "School", "My studies", etc. After he leaves, enter the separator with the names of the items. In the relevant sections you can place copies of photos or important tests, well done, interesting crafts and exemplary drawings and certificates for winning at the Olympics, etc.
If the child attends a music, art or sports school, various clubs, they need to create a separate section. In this relevant photos with comments from performances, competitions and exhibitions, diplomas, pictures, medals and prizes, pictures with the team during travel to competitions. If the Manager or coach will write positive characteristic, it is also included in this section, like articles from Newspapers or the Internet, if they mentioned a child.
Also, the portfolio is complemented by sections devoted to community service (e.g., photo from the Saturdays with explanations) or scientific (if the student participates in school conferences). A specific section can be devoted to all other important events - the trip to the theater (save the program and the composition of the child on the play), participation in municipal and regional competitions, excursions to the factory or the Museum (photos and impressions of the child).
At the end of the portfolio is necessary to provide a sheet of "Contents".