Advice 1: How to make a portfolio preschooler

The growth of a child parents try to capture interesting moments in its development filmed and the camera is the most memorable event. Sometimes, however, the first drawings, applique, crafts, towers and castles, built of bricks and sand thus bypassed. If you decide to leave a long memory of the memories of the preschool years, your little one, it's time to start making a portfolio.
How to make a portfolio preschooler
A portfolio should be created not only to safeguard the achievements of the child, information about his growth and development. It can help the kindergarten teacher or school teacher to learn a lot about the kid, determine his strengths, successes, skills, and abilities.
To portfolio was interesting, it must be bright and colorful to make. In this case, it will interest others children and adults, but will be entertaining "book" for the baby. For portfolio perfect folder-folder with files. As you fill this book it is easy to add new pages.
Well, if pages for the portfolio are made by the hands of a child, he drew or painted. Be sure to ask the opinion of the child in this or any other drawing, photography, crafts, if they like him, if he wants to decorate portfolio. If the child is too young to participate in the manufacturer folders, you can use ready-made pages for portfolio. And being older, the kid with pleasure will help you in preparing.
Well-executed portfolio should meet the following requirements. First, it must contain information about the growth and development of the baby as they grow up, i.e. to perform a diagnostic function. Second, the portfolio must pursue educational goals and to answer the questions of what and why we teach the child. In addition, the portfolio must be meaningful to disclose all directions of creativity of the baby, and also to testify to his achievements and results continuously.

Advice 2 : How to compile a portfolio preschooler

Portfolio preschooler is not just a folder, which reflects the child's achievements over a certain period, it is also a collaboration of teacher and parents for study and reflection in the dynamics of the abilities of his physical development. When compiling a portfolio the parents can show the conditions of life and the creativity of a child at home, and the teacher is the success of his pupil in kindergarten.
How to compile a portfolio preschooler
You will need
  • archive folder with hard cover;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - children's work or image;
  • - photographs of the child;
  • - copies of diplomas and other awards.
Organize a parent meeting in the kindergarten group. Tell parents about the change in methods of pedagogical work with the family of the pupils. Show a sample portfolio, borrowed in the other group, or are a tutor yourself.
Explain the purpose of creating a portfolio of a preschooler. If the only children enrolled in kindergarten – the contents of the portfolio can show and tell the caregiver about the peculiarities of child development, because time to talk with the parents in the process of taking children into the group very little in the morning. If children do not first visit the kindergarten, then the portfolio will allow agencies to more accurately identify the abilities and interests of the child.
Explain that parents begin to collect material about your child and the tutor group continues this work. Thus, parents can track the success of your child in kindergarten. The best works will be placed in a folder in a special section. If the child participates in competitions, the results of which kindergarten is the prizes, photocopies of these certificates or letters of appreciation will also appear in the relevant section.
Agree with the parents on the appointment of assistants in the collection of materials is: who can capture the events in the kindergarten, get on the computer the texts of the fantasies of children, Photocopying surveys, etc. Agree that the same folders are all children of the group or each parent can independently be creative and to make a portfolio in its discretion.
Will discuss at the meeting what topics should be reflected in the portfolio, and what to call them. It may be familiarity, my family, interests, sports, travel, I grow, awards, work, acquaintance with the world, etc. Names you can think with a small creative group of parents.
Warn parents that the portfolio is the calling card of the child, so everything should be presented briefly and clearly: only the best work, unique pictures, important periods of life and development.
For the presentation of a portfolio of psychologists, teachers, speech therapist, it is necessary to make the sample files and placed in a conventional plastic folder for quick viewing specialists.
Useful advice
Involve the child in the home and kindergarten to the portfolio design. It gives the work a uniqueness and individuality.
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