A portfolio should be created not only to safeguard the achievements of the child, information about his growth and development. It can help the kindergarten teacher or school teacher to learn a lot about the kid, determine his strengths, successes, skills, and abilities.
To portfolio was interesting, it must be bright and colorful to make. In this case, it will interest others children and adults, but will be entertaining "book" for the baby. For portfolio perfect folder-folder with files. As you fill this book it is easy to add new pages.
Well, if pages for the portfolio are made by the hands of a child, he drew or painted. Be sure to ask the opinion of the child in this or any other drawing, photography, crafts, if they like him, if he wants to decorate portfolio. If the child is too young to participate in the manufacturer folders, you can use ready-made pages for portfolio. And being older, the kid with pleasure will help you in preparing.
Well-executed portfolio should meet the following requirements. First, it must contain information about the growth and development of the baby as they grow up, i.e. to perform a diagnostic function. Second, the portfolio must pursue educational goals and to answer the questions of what and why we teach the child. In addition, the portfolio must be meaningful to disclose all directions of creativity of the baby, and also to testify to his achievements and results continuously.