You will need
  • -file of papers;
  • -information about student
Such innovation came into force from September 2006, in connection with the decision on mandatory specialized training of pupils in all schools of Russia (order of the Ministry of education from 05.12.2003 N 4509/49).
The introduction of mandatory portfolio – not just a PR move, it's a small revolution in the whole education system when the number is complemented with quality. Now the emphasis is on the development of the student as a person, first of all: score gives way to self-esteem, sectioned – motivation, and self-control – self-control.
Strict Standards portfolio does not yet exist, there are main types: "Portfolio documents", "Portfolio works", "Portfolio reviews". In practice, one combined portfolio, staffed at the discretion of individual schools.
Consider the main parts of it.
The title page is informative with personal and contact details.
In the section "Official documents" can be attestation papers on different subjects, certificates, and diplomas for participation in Olympiads, competitions, contests, various artistic events, etc.
The section "Creative work" includes the main results of creative and scientific activities, as well as reflecting participation in conferences, various practices and projects, courses preprofile training. With the location and time of the event.
The third section is "comments and recommendations". Assumes the presence of feedback the organizers of the aforementioned events about the aspirations and efforts of each participant, about his relationship to peers, mentors and parents. Received the child the satisfaction of a job well done. As well as a written report of the student.
Then follows the section "General information". It implies any additional information about the student: summary (prescribed form), curriculum vitae (with indication of important events, their attitude towards him, and conclusions), plans for the future (as an attempt of serious reflection on the basis of an objective assessment of their strengths and capabilities).
The app is hosted by consolidated summary statement throughout the work.
With regard to portfolio for primary school students, this project is still in the experimental stage. Its main purpose is directed not so much on results and achievements, but on the development of personal initiative, creativity, original thinking, confidence and responsibility.