You will need
  • is the folder
  • files
  • photography
  • certificates
  • - diplomas,
  • - drawings,
  • - creative work
Purchase a file folder.
Place on the cover of the folder is a group photo of the class. Preferably one where everyone is smiling. In large letters write "portfolio", and label the class and school.
Select a place in your portfolio for the class teacher. Will post there a picture of him close up, full name, job title. If you wish, write about the best of his achievements.
Fill in the folder list class with the contact information of students and their parents. Include the date of birth of the students to be on time to congratulate them.
Place in the portfolio, diplomas, the best works guys. It is desirable to place the copies, not the originals. You can create a separate section in the portfolio to reflect the educational, sporting, creative and social achievements.
In order not to miss extra-curricular achievements a quiet and humble representatives of the class, from time to time unobtrusively interested in their success.
If in your class there are guys who can draw, ask them to help you to make a portfolio and possibly add some of my drawings.