CV format can vary in every school, but it is created based on a standard template.
In the beginning of the document you need to write your personal data. First, specify your surname, name and patronymic in the nominative case. Then write all the place of his birth and home address.
After this, enter the contact information. Home and cell phone numbers, e-mail address.
The following point summary - information about your place of study. Write the complete address of the school: name of province, city, street, house number and postcode. Specify the class in which you learn.
Then the summary is a sample of the standard CV of the job seeker. First, you need to write about the place (places) of obtaining a General secondary education. If you have studied in several schools, create a list table. In the first column write the year of schooling you're visiting at the moment, the second her number and full address. If you have received additional education and mention about it (courses, seminars, etc.), and submitting a similar way.
The following graph – the experience. Write the time and place of work, your position and responsibilities. Optionally, specify what results you have achieved over the specified period. Consider your achievements in the context of the development of the whole company – this will show you how you are able to work in a team. You can also say about the experience of public works. All places of employment are listed in reverse chronological order.
In conclusion, write about your extra skills. This can be the level of computer skills, language skills, etc. you can Also write about your Hobbies, Hobbies, interests and subjects, the study of which is given to you best.
Make ready summary in the same style. Change the font to Times New Roman 14 font. The subtitle of each paragraph, highlight in bold.