Advice 1: How to make a title page portfolio

With portfolio development faced by teachers and children. This kind of Treasury of the results of your activities. Portfolios begin with a cover page. Review the guidelines to understand how to do it.
How to make a title page portfolio
When making a title page for portfolio select surname, name, patronymic, date of birth. Next you need to describe the following:

- what school and when graduated;

- what got the profession;

- as I worked in the specialty;

- total work experience;

- work experience in the specialty;

rewards and encouragement.
If you are building a portfolio of teacher certification, you know - the cover sheet shall be in accordance with the following requirements. Write the name of your institution from above. For example:

Municipal educational institution average comprehensive school 145 g. o. Samara.
Further, the center of the sheet write the word "portfolio".
Specify, what is the purpose of compilation of a portfolio. Example: peer assessment of professional competence and effectiveness. After that specify how a portfolio made up.
Write your surname, name, patronymic name and your position. Select which category claimed (first or higher). Record the date of the examination.
After reviewing the portfolio, people will be able to draw conclusions about your professionalism, to see the results you have obtained.
If you are building a portfolio of the child, the requirements will be different. In this case, the design of the title page you can be creative.
But you should start with the data description of the child. Write your surname, name, patronymic and date of birth. Stick on cover page photo. The child may draw something on your own.
Brush baby paint pen - let me put it to the sheet. When he grows up, it will be possible to make another print. This is an interesting game for a child. Get a kind of scale of growth. Child portfolio helps to increase self-esteem.

Advice 2 : How to write a portfolio for the student

If you want to learn about the person as much as possible, to determine the level of his knowledge, to get acquainted with the terms of his Hobbies, open and read his portfolio. Students also collect your portfolio in conjunction with the class teacher, because it is possible to reflect the participation of student in various contests and competitions, contests and festivals.
How to write a portfolio for the student
Complete the cover sheet portfolio. It should not only record the personal data of the student (name, age), but also to mark the number or the name of the school. Try to make the first portfolio page colorful and interesting, using the computer or just paint and pencils. Get creative. For example, you can write down some wise sayings in the form of an epigraph, and also stick the photograph of the student.
Be sure to take a second sheet under the content so that you can quickly find the desired information in a particular section. Therefore, in the content it is important to note not only the main components of a portfolio, but also to indicate page numbers.
Consider which sections will necessarily be in your folder. For example, you should allocate space for the Stash of achievement" student. It is necessary to place letters of appreciation, certificates for participation in various contests or competitions. Thus, if the student is engaged in any sports and has a prize, he probably has not only diplomas and letters of thanks, and medals, cups. Their pictures put in a special file and attach a sheet explaining when and for what, which child was honored with these awards.
Expand the portfolio achieving student in learning activities. If, for example, a student interested in studying literature and writes good original works or tries to write poetry, stories, put it in a folder of the best examples of these creative works. In addition, write a review or opinion on these works and place them in the student's portfolio.
If the student has a good record of participation in the Olympiads is the research work, papers, invest in a portfolio of the best work of the student, as well as certificates for the prizes.
Collect the most interesting photos that reveal the child's participation in extra-curricular activities (KVN, sports competitions, school theatrical productions, concerts, etc.) and put them in a folder with documents.
Ask your child to write essays on the thumbnails on different topics, for example, on the first day at school or about his favorite subject, his family or best friend. Such work will be an important component in the portfolio, they will further reveal the inner world, abilities and interests of the child.
Invest in a portfolio of feedback about the student by his classmates. You can attach photos about their joint leisure or a photo class.
Leave a place in the portfolio in order to further try to Supplement it in other topics or have the opportunity to discover new Hobbies of the student, because it will grow and develop, and you will continue to chronicle his life."
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