The compilation of a portfolio for primary school - is a creative work. You can dream, come up with a variety of sections and categories that are of interest to the child.
Start compiling a portfolio with the title-page. It is necessary to specify a surname, the name of the student, his age. You can stick a picture of him, as well as describe the palm. As a child growing up circling it several times. This will allow us to trace the growing baby.
On the second sheet, you can issue the material about school life. Write the number of the school where he goes. Also, specify the class in which he learns. Place the attached files are photos from school life. You can write essays about school or favorite teachers.
If the child studies well, has certificates of merit for achievements in the study of any academic disciplines, and to reflect that in the portfolio.
Perhaps he participated in the Olympiads or scientific conferences and he was the winner, don't forget to mention it. Invest in the portfolio and the essay, with whom he spoke at the conference, as well as certificates, diplomas, letters of thanks.
You also need to uncover what motivates the student in their spare time. For example, he is in art school or in sports. Children's work (drawings, embroidery, applique) attach to a file and attach it to a portfolio.
Prepare questions for the questionnaire that you can fill your friends or classmates. There they will be able to write your comments about comrade and wishes for him.
If the child will write a creative work about what he'd become, after a while it will be interesting to compare their aspirations and achievements.
Ask him to write about what the movies or the music he loves.
If the student is passionate about art, for example, writes poetry, place his best poems or prose.
You can ask the class teacher to review student. It will be a great addition to information about the child's personality.