You will need
  • The album pages;
  • colored pencils, paint.
  • children's photographs, drawings;
  • colored paper;
  • pens, markers and the like.
Complete your cover sheet. Specify the name, surname, age of the student. Glue the photograph. On the second sheet is made of the material activities of the school. Write down the name of the school, what grade the child. Can you describe the bio companies, or write about their favorite teachers.
On the third sheet should be autobiography. Provide the student the opportunity to present the skills of independent work. In this section, the importance of analytical skills, the ability to Express their thoughts, assessment of events.
All the gratitude in the form of certificates for their success in the classroom should be reflected in the portfolio section for creative works. If a student participated in academic competitions, it should also be noted. In the Treasury documents you can put all the letters of thanks and diplomas.
Reflect Hobbies of the schoolboy in his free time. Perhaps he attends classes ballroom dancing or engaged in music. All creative work (applique, embroidery) put in the document files. Write what music and movies he loves the student. If he writes a poem or prose, place them too. It is necessary to prepare questionnaires that will fill classmates. They can write reviews about your friend and companion.
Ask the classroom to write a good review for the child. It will be a great complement the information about his personality in the "Reviews and recommendations". This assumes the presence of feedback from the organizers of the various school activities on the efforts of his party. In Annex is a summary statement of progress.