You will need
  • the roots of peony;
  • - vodka.
For the treatment can be used as a pharmacy, and prepare a tincture of a peony. For efficiency, they are not inferior to each other. The preparation of medicines at home takes two weeks, that's how much time you want the peony was drawn. As raw materials use 50 g of fresh roots of the plant. Wash them thoroughly, pour half a liter of vodka, tightly close the container and put it in a dark place. Periodically shake the liquid, and after the allotted time, strain the resulting tincture.
Take a tincture of a peony at night, if you suffer from insomnia. Dosage for adults is 3 teaspoons. Adolescents will be enough half the dose. Children under 14 years of age the drug is contraindicated. Continue therapy for two weeks. If the background of the drug sleep problems come back, repeat the treatment.
To improve well-being before menstruation and for the treatment of gynecological diseases drink a teaspoon of tincture of peony 2-3 times a day. The preferred medication before or during meals. Treatment for PMS is a week, at a hysteromyoma, ovarian cyst and other diseases of female genital sphere — month.
Neurological disorders take a tincture of peony three times a day for 30-35 drops. Mix them with a small amount of water and drink before eating. The course of treatment — at least a month.
At lower health twice a day, drink 20 drops of tincture of peony. Continue treatment for three weeks.