When violations of heart rhythm should take 25 drops of tincture of motherwort on alcohol. Usually this kind of diseases are treated by course, so you should drink the medicine three times a day at least for weeks. Tincture mixed with three tablespoons of water and drink 30 minutes before a meal. After drinking tincture is recommended to lie down, so the effect will occur much faster. To calm a strong arrhythmia, it is necessary, taking medication, take a deep breath and not breathe for some time. Heart rate will gradually return to normal after a smooth exhale.
For heart pain as it is impossible by the way will be a 30% tincture of motherwort. It also helps with atherosclerosis vessels of the heart, rheumatism and myocarditis. Before every meal, drink 30 drops of the medicine. Therapy should continue for at least a month.
Manifestations of neurosis and neurasthenia perfectly treated pharmacy tincture of motherwort. Under these conditions, the dosage of the medication is quite large - 40 drops. But this should not scare you. Side effects from treatment are extremely rare, but a shattered nervous system while taking motherwort is restored to the eyes. When vegetative-vascular dystonia dose will be similar. While concussion and contusion of the brain treatment with motherwort in the dosage is a good additional measure.
With poor vision ophthalmologists recommend taking 35 drops of tincture of motherwort on alcohol. Of course, only one motherwort in this situation can not do, but as an additional measure it is very effective. Paresis and paralysis of the same dosage.Reduced uterine tone in the postpartum period is fraught with bad consequences. And in this situation all the same motherwort will help to cope with the problem. Take 35 drops of tincture twice a day.