Start presentation with basic information about the caregiver. Specify the name, surname and patronymic, date of birth, and information about the received education. This may include not only University degrees but also certificates from various training courses, training seminars and other events.
Tell us about the experience. This should include first time work in your school, and then write the total number of years of work in pedagogic activities. Optionally, you can list the places previous work.
Describe relationship with children. This item is one of the most important, it reflects the ability of the tutor to his work. Note how the communication (calm, gentle, aggressive), finding a common language with the kids. Specify qualities such as compassion, humility, kindness.
Reflect the presence or absence of complaints from the administration, the application of penalties or deficiencies in the work.
Communication with colleagues plays an important role. Indicate whether there is a friendliness in the attitude of the team, the ability to come to the rescue. If the caregiver actively helps the young specialists to reflect that in performance. For example, write that he advises them, helps in the preparation of the classroom, happy to share experience.
Evaluate the effectiveness of an educator, his approach to teaching, ability to position, relationships with kids and their parents. At the end of the document, add your signature, write the name and position of the number. Stamp.