You will need
  • - to write the application;
  • - re-grant all the documents.
Make a statement in any form, addressed to your local social security authorities. In the text, specify the circumstances of the loss of the document or the reasons why it fell into disrepair, and ask a new one.
Submit your photo 30x40 mm and take all the documents on the basis of which you previously assigned the title of "Veteran of labour". If the time that has passed since the assignment title, your personal data has occurred any changes, please attach another documents confirming the new information.
Take the documents in person at your local social security authority. Wait staff will check your data and will prepare a certificate for issuance of a license. Based on this information the employee of the regional authority of social protection will have to send a package of documents for registration of you of the duplicate to the higher authorized body of the Ministry of labour and social development. The preparation of such documents can take several days.If you come in person to the local division of social security for some reason can't, a statement about issue of the duplicate with all necessary documents may be send by registered mail.
Wait until the bodies Minsoclabor will make a decision about issuing you a duplicate of the certificate "Veteran of labour". Preparation and issuance of documents takes place in the same manner as the preparation of the primary identity, so the result might have to wait more than one day. To control the formation of package of documents should be the head of your regional offices of social protection, so that in case of any overlays apply to him.
Come the appointed day at one of the local unit of the social security authority, to obtain the final certificate. The form of the new document will be marked "Duplicate. Instead of the ID series... №...". Take the documents you provided to the social protection agencies to sign up for a new ID card and keep it.