You will need
  • - documents proving work experience;
  • - the passport.
If you have the right to receive the medals of the veteran of work, collect all necessary documents confirming your employment. For the assignment of the state awards can be granted to the originals of the certifying documents and certified by the body of social protection of the population of copy.
See the statement in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at their place of residence. A statement will be sent within 10 days for consideration of the Executive authority of the RF subject. While persons with honorary medals, titles and medals, shall confirm the award. Citizens, claiming the title and having departmental awards also must provide a work book to confirm seniority. Persons who do not have distinctive rewards, can also claim the title "Veteran of labor", if their continuous service is for women 35 years and male 40 years.
Upon receiving a positive decision of the Executive authority of the Russian Federation will receive a medal and the certificate of the veteran of work. Refusal to issue medals as reported in the notice within 15 working days explaining the reasons of such decision.
After the award of the medal and the title of labour veteran of use, your right to receive benefits provided by the state, namely free travel on urban and suburban railway transport, benefits for housing and communal services, free sanatorium treatment, in the presence of medical indications. However, local authorities of certain regions of the Russian Federation quashed the earlier veterans ' benefits due to existing problems in the field of financing. So contact your local authority social protection of the population, to directly find out what incentives are available for your region.