Specify whether you needed to obtain the title of "Veteran of labor" award for life achievements. According to article 7 of the Federal law from 12.01.1995 № 5-FL "On veterans" and additional wording from 02.01.2000, No. 40-FZ, the title of "Veteran of labour" can be rated in the presence of orders and medals of the USSR or Russia honorary titles of Federal importance, of the departmental insignia. Mention that are not considered awards and certificates to regional, provincial and local significance. The total work experience males must be at least 25 years, the experience of women – at least 20 years.
Contact the Department of social protection at the place of residence and ask what the requirements for obtaining the title of "Veteran of labour" exists in your particular area or region. So, taken into consideration the distinctions in the work received for the improvement of the invention, it is not. The same situation is with "Honourable donors". In some areas to the main list of the necessary documents the government adds their own, their list will tell you specialist protection.
Collect the documents with which you will go into management of social protection of the population. In this package, in addition to all required certificates and other awards should be your employment history, passport. On the spot you will be asked to write a statement for the title of "Veteran of labour" in the prescribed form. All documents will be submitted to the Executive authority of the Russian Federation.
Wait for the official response, it needs to be anyway. Upon failure of you or in body of social protection will be notified with an explanation why it was made such a decision. In case of positive outcome of the case specialist social security will award you the certificate of the veteran of labour. Sometimes such award are held in a solemn atmosphere, in the presence of the first persons of a city or region.