You will need
  • - fresh juices: beet, carrot, grape, cucumber, pear;
  • - olive oil;
  • - mineral water.
Perhaps the most important point in the treatment of gallstone disease is a proper diet: one diet can remove small stones. Cleansing is recommended to start with a two-day abstinence from food. At this time is to drink only purified water. Then you should start juice therapy and use of fruit and vegetable fresh juices: beet, carrot, grape, cucumber, pear. Juices can be combined with yogurt, cheese, twice a day, drink one tablespoon of olive oil.
In the future, it is necessary to exclude from your daily diet fried, smoked, fatty foods, spices, vinegar, alcohol, coffee, egg yolks, refined carbohydrates. Meals should be frequent and fractional.
You need to eat more of water, preferably alkaline mineral water without gas, green tea is an excellent prophylactic against formation of stones in the gall and bladder in the kidneys.
Stagnation of bile is recommended before bedtime to eat an Apple or drink a glass of yogurt, kefir. In the morning, before eating, it is helpful to drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey or a glass of mineral water. During the day, before a meal, it is advisable to eat two tablespoons of salad with fresh vegetables - cucumbers, cabbage, carrots – that's fine stimulates the gallbladder.
With medical treatment of gallstone disease use Ursofalk (ursodeoxycholic acid) and chenofalk (chenodeoxycholic acid). However, note that when using this treatment stones often are newly formed.
Litotripsii is the process of destruction of stones using ultrasound. The stones are crushed into the smallest particles of 1-2 mm in size, and excreted independently. However, this method has a number of contraindications.
When treatment does not give proper result, or in the case of particularly large stones assigned to traditional surgery, which involves removal of the gallbladder.
One of the most promising methods for removal of stones without surgery is herbal medicine. It is the use of plants with anti-inflammatory, choleretic, soothing and calming effect.