You will need
  • - horsetail;
  • - a decoction of the beet;
  • - hell;
  • - milk;
  • - Apple juice;
  • - olive oil.
To release the gallbladder stones are able to help such plants as horsetail. The prescription treatment is simple and easy. Teaspoon of horsetail brewed Cup of boiling water and insist half an hour. This tea should be drink in the morning on an empty stomach. After his admission half an hour. Then you can eat whatever you want. The course of treatment lasts three months. Horsetail crushes and dissolves stones, not only of bile, but other.
Another way to get rid of stones in the gall bladder is to drink a decoction of the beet. This method is very effective. The stones come out faster and less painfully than in the treatment field homem. But this method is much more time consuming. Need to take pounds red beets, peel, finely chop. Then add water so that the beets were covered with her two fingers. Filled with water the beets need to put on weak fire and boil for two hours. The resulting decoction is taken thrice a day half hour before meals. Ready broth should not be stored more than two days.
The third way to get rid of stones in the gall bladder is the infusion of horseradish in milk. Take fresh horseradish root. Grate it on a grater and take four tablespoons of the resulting texture. Grated horseradish, mix with a glass of milk, put on low heat and slowly bring to the boil but do not boil. The hot mixture you need to put in a warm place for 10 minutes and let it brew. Then it should be strain and drink slowly throughout the day. The stones will begin to break up and out.
To get rid of stones in the gall bladder with the help of Apple juice and olive oil. Need a few days to a vegetarian diet. In the last day, from morning till seven o'clock in the evening to drink only freshly squeezed Apple juice. At seven o'clock in the evening should go to bed, put on his right side a warm heating pad. Next you need to put the Cup of lemon juice and Cup olive oil. Oil and the juice should be drink in the next hour alternately teaspoons: teaspoon of oil, teaspoon of juice and so on. At the end of the reception should stay lying down with a heating pad. The stones will be released in the morning.