How to eat with gallstones

Respect the basic rules of healthy eating should become a way of life of the patient as to diet for a short period of time will not bring any benefit. Menu cholelithiasis is quite varied, being accustomed to this diet, you can lead a full life without feeling any discomfort. Food in GSD should not trigger the formation of stones. To the gallbladder to work properly, the food should be taken regularly, at least 6 times a day, the portions should be small. Intervals between meals must be the same (about 2 hours).
The last portion you need to eat at least two hours before bedtime, and in the case that the bile thrown into the stomach from the duodenum - not less than four hours before bedtime.

Cholelithiasis should be permanently excluded from the diet of smoked, fatty, spicy dishes of the following products:
bird (duck, goose, fatty chickens with the skin),
- fatty meat (pork, lamb),
- offal (kidneys, liver, brains),
- fish (mackerel, sardine, fatty herring, salmon, sturgeon).
Food should be consumed in boiled, steamed or baked. Fried foods should be excluded completely.

Diet for gallstones

Of meat products permitted to include in the diet of rabbit, beef and veal, without fat. Sometimes, not often 2-3 times a month, you can cook lamb or pork without fat, the stomach and pancreas will get the nutrients that are missing in the low-fat diet. The menu may include dishes from Turkey, chicken, quail. Before cooking the carcass, remove the skin.

Cholelithiasis should include in the menu fish low-fat varieties: Alaska Pollock, cod, flatfish, saffron cod, pike, hake, perch. Will be very useful seafood: squid, shrimp, clams, crabs. In a small number of useful and marine fish containing polyunsaturated fatty acids. Their use normalizes fat metabolism and prevents the deposition of cholesterol. With GSD you can't eat the broth. The soups must be vegetarian, you can sometimes put them in boiled meat. You cannot add to the first food fry products. As side dishes you want to include in the menu cereals that contain a lot of fiber: buckwheat, oats, barley.
Drinks will be useful to fresh juices and decoctions of the dried fruit. Beers and alcohol is contraindicated.

Vegetables will be useful zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets. You can't eat radish, sorrel, spinach, garlic, green onions, grilled and marinated vegetables. Pasta is unfavorable. Allowed low-fat dairy products, you can eat low-fat and unsalted cheeses. Vegetable fats are not restricted. The butter should be consumed in small amounts as a component of food. Of bakery products it is better to eat bread with bran and crackers. Forbidden pastry and puff pastry. As a dessert you need to eat fruits and berries, especially useful for bananas. Sugar is not recommended, it is better to replace honey.