Official medicine is of the opinion that gall stones do not dissolve. But in practice, many doctors know that there are exceptions to the rule. One of the ways to dissolution of stones is a technique Bolotov-Naumova, according to which with the purpose of dissolving the stones in gallbladder use chicken bile. The duration of treatment is individual, the average of a week to two. Take the necessary bile into the drops, up to a maximum of 40 per day. Since bile is the product is bitter and pungent, a drop of "hiding" in the bread balls. During treatment should follow a particular diet, eating vegetable soups, borscht without meat, stewed vegetables and cereals. Dairy products, meat and fish are best consumed in the morning.
The same author proposes another method to get rid of stones in the gall bladder. Familiar with the action of black radish juice to dissolve the minerals in the bile ducts. Also, it can dissolve mineral salts in the kidneys, blood vessels and urinary bladder. Must be free from roots of 10 kg black radish (tuber). To clear them from the skin is not necessary, just wash and squeeze the juice. You get about 4-5 liters. Put the juice in the fridge, and the cake mix with honey (one kilogram of cake, add about 300 g of honey and store the mixture in jars). To drink juice - 1 teaspoon - you need an hour after you ate.
Since the black radish juice has a strong choleretic effect, increase the dose gradually, from a teaspoon, then a tablespoon to half a Cup of. During the first procedure, you may experience pain in the right side, the bile ducts can contain many salts, and the passage of bile is difficult. Put on the right side a hot water heater. The procedure should continue if the pain is not very strong. In the future, everything should return to normal. During treatment juice it is advisable to adhere to the bland diet, avoiding salty and spicy.
After the juice is drunk, it is necessary to start eating a meal. He must be sour by this time. Eat a meal together with food, from level 1 to 3 tablespoons.