You will need
  • - but-Spa, drotaverine, papaverine;
  • ice.
The appearance of the attackobraznic, severe pain in the right hypochondrium is necessary to correctly assess the situation – how this condition threatens the health. If the pain continues for 40-60 minutes, call an ambulance without hesitation, or if not it is a weakness, try to get to the medical institution on their own.
Before the arrival of the physician, no pain medication do not take, but if the symptoms of the seizures are well known to you - take 1 to 2 tablets but-shpy (or its substitute – drotaverine); if not, you can take 1-2 tablets papaverine. No other painkillers are not recommended to take may change the symptoms of the disease. In health companies cropped bouts of antispasmodics in the resort to injections or novocaine blockade.
Rest. It is necessary to refuse meals at least a day without harm to the body you can starve two days, but on the condition that it is not have diabetes. Diabetchikam required constant medical supervision. During fasting you can take a little clean water.
On the right hypochondrium, apply a cold compress, a piece of frozen meat, wrapped in a towel, or a hot water bottle with ice wrapped in a towel, 1-1.5 hours.
If the doctor was not summoned, take control of body temperature twice a day, morning and evening. The temperature increase indicates the development of dangerous complications and one should immediately consult a doctor.
Subsidence of pain does not always mean reduction of the inflammatory process. Only the absence of pain for 48-72 hours may indicate a relief of an attack of gallstones. In addition, supervision is necessary in the following days, with urine and blood eyes. In the case of severe darkening of urine and jaundice of the sclera of the eye, it is necessary to contact a health facility for examination of the biliary tract. Find them stones at any time may require active treatment action.