Methods of treatment of gallstone disease in different stages are different. However, patients, regardless of the activities you need for decades to observe diet regime and periodically resort treatment. This allows you to increase the activity of liver cells and avoid the occurrence of cholesterolemia, metabolic disorders. Is fight infection of the biliary tract, gall bladder and ascending colon.
It is necessary to prevent stagnation of bile. The best cholagogue is a fractional power, that is, frequent meals in small quantities. To thin the bile and increase the secretion should drink plenty of liquids. It is also important by assigning lungs laxatives, diets and enemas to combat constipation.
From the food of the patient should be excluded rich in cholesterol brains and egg yolks, sharply limit fatty, meats (especially smoked), butter, alcoholic beverages, canned food. It is recommended mainly vegetarian diet, rich in vitamins.
In a period of sharp exacerbations of the disease must adhere to a meager diet: semolina and rice porridge on water, tea, white nesdobnoe crackers, jelly. Gradually in the diet are pureed vegetables, vegetable soup, low-fat broth, yogurt and a little milk. In addition to the diet the patient must avoid excitement, hypothermia, stress situations.
The leading place in the fight against gallstones is a Spa treatment. On the patient's condition are beneficial regular walking, proper rest, regular hours, ease pain and relieve inflammation drinking the mineral waters.
Of the drugs have a value-rich anti-inflammatory and purgative ingredients herbal preparations; opposing the stone formation of bile acids; laxative and bile salts.
For the treatment of biliary colic in the region of the liver, you must apply warm compresses and warm warmers. If the patient does not tolerate the heat, apply ice. Also to relieve the acute pain prescribe painkillers: morphine, belladonna, papaverine, procaine.
When infection of the biliary tract sulfonamidnye prescribed drugs, methenamine, penicillin. Also undertake non-surgical drainage paths in combination with improving the condition of the liver and increases the body's resistance by intravenous infusion of glucose is given a blood transfusion, etc.