You will need
  • the firmware program;
  • cables;
  • — access to the Internet.
In idle mode the phone press and hold the reset button of the call, then the phone will shut down. Then also press and hold this button to turn it on. In some models, specifically designed for this controls, when you click on that a menu appears off, reboot, switch modes and other additional features. Also to reset Samsung phones there are special service codes. To view the appropriate your model code, use the combination *#9998*masterpwd#, enter in standby mode. Usually ispolzuyutsya the service code *#0040# + green button.
In the event of malfunction of your mobile device functions with regards to enable, disable or restart, ask for help to specialists of the service center or do the flashing yourself. Please note, the last time the cases of distribution to reboot the phone, when downloading the installer which requires you to enter your mobile phone number as protection from spambots.
In any case, do not install these programs and, moreover, do not enter a phone number to continue, even if on the download page there are also reviews alleged users. Use only official firmware available on various thematic resources dedicated to Samsung phones.
Also, run the flashing your mobile if your phone automatically restarts without your command. Some models for performing this operation require special connecting cable and some you can reflash with removable storage.
Details regarding your phone learn from more experienced users on the discussion forums and sites. Mandatory check downloaded software for viruses before you upgrade your software, make backup copies of files and list of phone contacts.