Advice 1: How to return the Samsung phone to factory settings

When you reset to factory settings will be rolled back changes made during the operation of the phone. Remember that this will remove some data, such as entries in the call log, contacts, installed programs, but will continue recording to the microSD card (photos, music files, etc.). Therefore, before surgery is necessary to save a backup copy (backup) the data on the phone.

How to return the Samsung phone to factory settings
Make a backup. The fastest method to do this is to connect the phone to the computer and sync it with your account on the websites of Google, Microsoft My Phone or Exchange ActiveSync. You can also save data in Outlook through ActiveSync. Another method is to use to save your data Spb Backup, Pim Backup or Sprite Backup.
To return to factory settings use the menu. Press the following buttons: "Menu" "settings" "Privacy" "factory data Reset", "Reset phone" "Erase everything." If you need to enter the phone code, it should be taken in the user instructions. After that, the system rolls back the changes and restarts.
The second way to return to factory settings, is performed by using the buttons on the phone. Turn off your phone and pressing two buttons simultaneously: press the call key and call end. While holding them, press power and hold all three buttons until a window with the question "Reset all to factory settings?". Press call to consent, or press end call to cancel.
The following method is run from Recovery menu (recovery). To enter this menu, turn off the phone and press "Volume up" and "Home" button (middle button below screen), then press power. Entering the recovery menu, select wipe data/factory reset, then press the enter key (i.e., key of a call). Mode when working in the menu rekaveri should be three button.
Another way to reset to factory settings is performed using service code. The service code can be found on the website In this case, reset all settings, even cleared the internal memory card, so use this method with caution.
After the operation is complete you can restore from a backup of the data and customize the phone according to your wishes. Whichever method you choose, remember that the return the phone to factory settings is a dangerous operation that can cause data loss or even damage your phone, so use it only in special cases.

Advice 2: How to restore factory settings on laptop

Almost every laptop which can be bought in the computer shop, comes with the operating system. This has its advantages: no need to spend money to purchase operating system and there is no need to waste time on system installation. The availability of the operating system on the hard disk of the laptop is says that the hard drive contains a hidden partition which is used to restore the factory settings. Some users specifically overwritten by this section, to increase storage space, some are not even aware of the existence of this section.
How to restore factory settings on laptop
You will need
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to restore the factory settings.
If you do not know about the existence of this hidden drive and want to use it on purpose, can use special keyboard shortcuts. For proper use of system restore feature and application programs need to know these shortcuts. The so-called hot keys you need to press during boot of the computer, i.e. at the time when the operating system fails and cannot boot. When you click on hotkeys you get into the recovery menu to factory settings.
Every laptop manufacturer has developed its system restore settings, respectively, hotkeys will have differences. Below is the list of hot keys of the main manufacturers of laptops:

- Samsung – press F4;

- Fujitsu Siemens – press F8;

- Toshiba - press F8;

Asus - tap the F9;

- Sony VAIO - press F10;

- Packard Bell - press F10;

- HP Pavilion - press F11;

- LG - hit F11;

- Lenovo ThinkPad - hit F11;

Acer – BIOS enable Disk-to-Disk (D2D), then press Alt+F10;

- Dell (Inspiron) – press Ctrl+F11
Laptop manufacturers are assured that the system you will be able to recover and the integrity of important files or folders is unlikely. So, don't forget to make frequent copies of your files on removable media: CD/DVDs, flash media, etc.

Advice 3: How to restore factory settings in Samsung

Return to factory settings the phone always means to roll back the changes you made during the operation of this device while maintaining user data.
How to restore factory settings in Samsung
You will need
  • - documentation of phone.
Find out your phone lock code. You can see it in the manual, which comes with the device, or if you have changed in the course of operation, you have to remember it. Open the settings menu of your phone and go to menu "settings Reset", which is usually located at the bottom.
Confirm in the window that you want to return the unit to factory defaults and enter phone code. Wait until the system rolls back to the original settings. Please note that in this case there is only a reset, this action will not affect the data in memory, or phone contacts.
If you want to perform a factory reset in the smartphone "Samsung", go to system management and select General settings. It can also be available in the options menu of the control panel mobile device. Select the option restore factory settings on your phone and enter the phone code to confirm the operation. Wait until the system rolls back the changes.
Use a special service code to return to the original settings. Typically used #98a*cd0a7da9#, but it is best to review codes regarding your model on one of the following resources:,, Do not use cheats too often and unnecessarily. Because you may lose data or damage the mobile device.
Use the utility Samsung Connect which will help you to reset settings of the phone to the factory defaults. You can download it from the official developer website or running a query through a search engine in your browser.

Advice 4: How to return the volume

When incorrect actions or incorrect removal of unused shortcuts from the computer can leave the volume icon. And that's a problem, especially for music lovers and video.
How to return the volume
You will need
  • computer.
When the computer disappear familiar, commonly used labels, the situation is not pleasant. Indeed, in this case disrupted the usual mode of operation. And if the label has disappeared for inexperienced users – there can be quite a problem. But as they say, desperate situations does not happen. At least, the following ways will help to solve your problem.
The simplest way is to click the right mouse button on a clear part of the taskbar and go to Properties. In the opened new window you can enable and disable system icons. Look in the table under "Volume", and then in the right window pane in the column "Behavior" from the context menu select "Insert". Returning the icon to the toolbar, you can configure the sound settings, use the mixer to adjust the level of sound, to give different sound effects.
To return the volume label to system tray is possible by enabling the "Node universal PNP-devices." For this you need to open the "Computer". Then find the 'Manage' section from which you can navigate to the folder "Service and application". Open "Services" and activate the option "Node universal PNP-devices." In the properties, specify the startup type to automatic and start the service.
You can try another restore option icon. To do this, the menu "start", go to "control Panel". In this section you will find the subdirectory "Sounds and audio devices" and the tab "Volume" and tick "Show volume icon on taskbar".
If these methods do not help, try to clean temporary files and cache system settings. For this approach, for example, CCleaner. Run the program, click on "Cleaning Windows". Then select "System" and check "Temporary files, file Fragments" and "Other - outdated sampling frame cache region of notification, other files and folders". Clean. Then deleted missing from taskbar icons will have to return to the site.

Advice 5: How to return phone to factory firmware

Return to standard firmware on your phone to get rid of the problems with the function of the software, various freezes and crashes the device. In this case, after a factory reset (Hard Reset) the firmware of the device will come to its original state in which it was installed by the manufacturer.
How to return phone to factory firmware


Reset to factory firmware of Android phone is performed using corresponding setting in menu or by keyboard shortcuts (if it is not possible to turn on the phone). To reset the firmware of the phone, go to menu "Settings" of the device. Then click "About device" and select "factory Reset". The name of the menu item to call to reset may vary depending on operating system version and manufacturer of the device, which made changes to the standard firmware. If necessary, enter the security code to reset software, and then confirm the operation.

If you want to return phone to factory status in case of impossibility of its full launch, hold down the key combination the phone, which can be described in the instructions for use of the device, on specialized forums or on the official website of the device manufacturer in the technical documentation. Most machines drop the version of their operating system and return to factory settings when using key combinations unlock (enable) the menu button and volume down. It is worth noting that some phones to factory reset using the volume up key. The power button can be released after the launch of the smartphone, and the volume keys and the menu should be pressed for a few seconds before the start of the formatting process.


For resetting iPhone you can also use the corresponding menu item. To do this, go to "Settings" - "General" - "Reset - "erase all content and settings". Double-confirm the action and wait for the return phone to factory condition.

You can also reset the device using iTunes. Connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes. After that select the device name in the upper right corner of the program. In the "Overview" section and click on "Restore". Remember that resetting the firmware will lose all saved settings and data, but because before surgery it is recommended to make a backup.

Windows Phone

Reset the firmware of your Windows phone also performed using the corresponding function available in the settings. Click "Settings" and go to "device Information", then select "factory Reset". Double-confirm the transaction and wait for notification of completion of formatting.

Some models of Windows phones can be returned to factory settings without the need to switch on the device. To do this, hold down the volume down button simultaneously with the power supply. Release the power button. Once you see the logo of the phone, release volume down key. Then click volume up, volume down, power and then volume down. After that, wait for reset and you are prompted on the screen.
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