Make a backup. The fastest method to do this is to connect the phone to the computer and sync it with your account on the websites of Google, Microsoft My Phone or Exchange ActiveSync. You can also save data in Outlook through ActiveSync. Another method is to use to save your data Spb Backup, Pim Backup or Sprite Backup.
To return to factory settings use the menu. Press the following buttons: "Menu" "settings" "Privacy" "factory data Reset", "Reset phone" "Erase everything." If you need to enter the phone code, it should be taken in the user instructions. After that, the system rolls back the changes and restarts.
The second way to return to factory settings, is performed by using the buttons on the phone. Turn off your phone and pressing two buttons simultaneously: press the call key and call end. While holding them, press power and hold all three buttons until a window with the question "Reset all to factory settings?". Press call to consent, or press end call to cancel.
The following method is run from Recovery menu (recovery). To enter this menu, turn off the phone and press "Volume up" and "Home" button (middle button below screen), then press power. Entering the recovery menu, select wipe data/factory reset, then press the enter key (i.e., key of a call). Mode when working in the menu rekaveri should be three button.
Another way to reset to factory settings is performed using service code. The service code can be found on the website In this case, reset all settings, even cleared the internal memory card, so use this method with caution.
After the operation is complete you can restore from a backup of the data and customize the phone according to your wishes. Whichever method you choose, remember that the return the phone to factory settings is a dangerous operation that can cause data loss or even damage your phone, so use it only in special cases.