To call the engineering menu in the phone, type on the keyboard combination *#000000#. You will have access to the following commands: traces, ctrl charge and damier. With traces you will be able to enter the menu indicator channels, ctrl charge measures the charging voltage and the battery, and produces damier display test.
To call the service menu on the Sony Ericsson phone enter klaviatura combination **04*0000*0000*0000#. If you turn on your phone without SIM card, if you are prompted, Wrong Pin, select No, then you will have access to the internal menu of the phone. You can also see the firmware version without having to call the engineering menu you just need to enter the combination *
If you work with Motorola phone ppp000p1p enter and click on OK, and then restart the machine. In some models you can edit the music for this type ppp278p1p and click on OK.
To enter the service menu for Nokia phones, enter the combination *#92702689#. In some cases you will have such functions as improving the quality of speech (*3370#), the deterioration of the speech quality to extend the operating time of the battery (#4720#), and view the firmware version using *#0000#.
The Philips phones to view information about the SIM card, enter the code *#7378*# to view the topic Closed User Group menu, - *#2847*#. You can also adjust on or turn off the charging when the charger is connected, plugged in with the command *#4377*#.
When using the phones brand Samsung you can adjust the display with the command *#0523# to see battery status (*#9998*228#), to change the display contrast (*#9998*523#), and test the vibrations (*#9998*842#). Using the combination *#9998*VERNAME# you can view extended information about the phone and firmware.
For all models of cell phones, there is a single team check the unique IMEI numbers to do this, enter the combination *#06#.