For the update via Wi-Fi or 3G link with the device, connect to your wireless access point or configure your mobile Internet connection. After connection, go to "Settings" of your device from the home screen of the device.
After that, use the option "About phone" and select "software Update". After clicking on this line will start searching for available system updates for the device. If you upgrade the version of Android has been found on the server Samsung, will start downloading and installing.
Wait for unpacking and downloading the service pack and don't touch the phone until until the procedure is over and you do not receive a notification about the completion of the operation. To verify that the updates were installed, you can again go to "Settings" - "About phone" device to verify new software versions again. If updates are found, then your phone already has the latest version of the software.
To install updates via computer download Samsung Kies from the official site of the manufacturer of your phone or by using the disc that came with the device.
After installation, Podlachia the phone to PC mode and wait for the installation of the necessary drivers, after which start the program and wait for the definition of telephone in the system.
Go to "Updates" and the program will automatically begin to check available versions of Android. If a new version is found, the computer will begin the update installation. Do not disconnect your Galaxy S2 from the USB port until, until you receive notification that the latest version of the software was unpacked to the phone.
After the procedure is completed, you can disconnect the device from the PC and check for updates manually via the menu item "settings" - "About phone" - "Update". Firmware upgrade Galaxy S2 is completed.