The icon with the letter E or the letter E in the upper panel of the mobile device means that the phone is in range EGPRS. Most modern phones support different network; the standard is GSM, although the possible variant of UMTS. The appearance of the letter E indicates that the access point is open for your machine, but not necessarily using EGPRS network for data transmission. Figure out what exactly is specified in the field "access Point" in the phone settings: value WAP GPRS or Internet GPRS.nw implies the use of this network to transfer information. In this case, the letter E indicates only the potential use of the EGPRS network.
The easiest way to disconnect from the network Edge, recommended by manufacturers of mobile devices is a turn-off apparatus with subsequent reactivation. You can also try to restart your phone.
If you are sure that the phone is running Android, uses the Edge connection for the active connection to the Internet to check for updates, some forums suggest to use a specialized service code *#4777*8665# to open the menu Attach Mode Settings. Specify the command to GPRS detach and reboot the mobile device.
Apple does not disable data service GPRS/Edge explicitly, although in terms of roaming, for example, this feature may prove to be too expensive. Because to disable this feature, you must use the tweak to change the APN settings in the iPhone configuration. To do this, open "Settings", located on the main page of the phone and select General. Open the link "Network" and select the section Edge. Type sign . (dot) in the "APN Address" immediately after the address. This will lead to the fact that when you try to use this function, a message will appear on the inactivity of the selected service and the inability of data transfer.