Any mobile browser requires periodic updates. What does it do? Browser for mobile Internet access is a program designed and developed for browsing the network with a regular cell phone. The regular upgrade of this app will allow you to help you use the program, to increase access speed and to get rid of the errors and "bugs" in the browser.
Opera is attracting more and more users thanks to the fairly simple interface and lots of useful user tools (e.g., the ability to create bookmarks to frequently viewed your page). It Opera ever expanding list of "widgets" for mobile phones and tablets – so it requires constant updates.
Information about the latest updates of the mobile version of Opera you can always find on the official website If this browser was installed on the phone yet manufacturer as the core, in case the need arises to upgrade the software on your phone will receive a message containing a link. By clicking on it and clicking "join this site" you will automatically start to download the new version of the application.
If you have a USB cord to transfer data from computer to mobile, update Opera quite easily. Download mobile version of the program from the official site at the above address. Then, using the memory card as a USB drive, save it to the installation file, and download the latest version of the browser on your phone.
You can update the Opera browser directly from your mobile device. In the address bar type Then click "Go" and on the next page load the mobile version of the browser. Restart your phone and you can start to work online.