You will need
  • Passport, money
Go to the office of a radio network in your city. There you will be given the application for disconnection of a radio receiving station and a receipt for payment of this service (amount is quite small). The statement will need to specify how many radio sets in your apartment. Many it leads to a dead end, because the sockets are often hidden behind furniture, or under carpeting, and their location all was forgiven. In this case, just write that you have 1 socket.
Pay for the service outage. You can do it in Sberbank without the Commission or any other Bank (they can already receive the additional amount of fee).
Then you return to the window of the public reception of the radio network and provide a passport application, a receipt, a certificate on absence of debts on payment of the wired radio.
If all documents are in order, the operator will designate a day when you need an electrician to directly disable radio.
On the appointed day, the installer will check the presence in the apartment cable radio (if available), and disconnects the connection. After work, he will issue a notice confirming that you now have radios and, therefore, the fee is not charged for it. The notice you need to go to HBC or HCS.
The charging is terminated from the date of receipt of the application to disable the loudspeaker.