Before you completely abandon the services of MGTS after changing Internet service provider, consider the option of switching to another tariff of the series "Internet-Lite." If you go to any of these tariffs, the monthly fee for the Internet use drops several times. In addition, you will have the opportunity if necessary to include ADSL modem, connected to MGTS, for example, when a new provider is in any day will work intermittently. But don't forget to turn off the modem, as soon as the new provider will resume.
If you wish to completely disconnect the Internet from MGTS, phone: (495) 636-06-36 and inform the consultant that you want to terminate the contract. You will need to disclose their name, passport details, address and contract number. Wait for confirmation of the operator about disabling services and make sure that.
From the telephone network, disconnect the splitter and the modem. Then connect the telephone line directly. When you do this, be sure to observe the safety rules, as when an incoming call in line there is a very high voltage. Remove all wires are routed from the modem to the computer. If you rent a modem from MGTS, and it is not your property, hand it in. To do this, call the company and ask for arrived phone wizard, who will take the modem. With the modem that is in your possession, can do what go to, for example, to sell. If connected to only one computer, and PPPoE client was right on him, make his removal.
This month, most likely, the provider will bill you for payment for the use of the Internet , MGTS fully. But next must come an empty receipt. If you continue to send bills for payment, call the number above and the phone will clarify the situation.