Disable the "failure to pay" urban radio network can not – it is considered the primary notification method for emergencies. Therefore, even if you have years to ignore the account for the use of the radio – this will only lead to the fact that the debt will accumulate, disconnection of service for non-payment in this case is impossible. It can be made only under the personal statement of the owner (responsible tenant or owner in whose name the radio) or by notarized proxy.
Please contact the office of the broadcasting networks in your city. There you will be given an application form to disable the loudspeaker. In addition, you must obtain the receipt form on payment of work of the electrician, which will disable the radio in your apartment (it is a paid service, its cost is relatively small and is comparable with the subscription fee for the month). Receipt you can pay at the post office or at any Bank. The best option – "savings", here you will not require a fee.
If you already have debt for the radio – it will have to pay in full and receive the HBC or a Single settlement center certificate of absence of debt. Otherwise the application for disconnection, you will not take.
Again visit the office of the city radio transmission network, having at itself the passport, a completed application for disconnection, a certificate on absence of debts, and receipt, proof of payment to installer. After receiving the application will tell you the date when the physical disconnection of a radio receiving station.
In the stipulated day will come to you the fitter and, having done the necessary work, will give you notice of the disconnection of the apartment from wired radio.
To show the document about disabling the HBC or the common settlement centre. And only after you do that, the monthly fee for the use of the radio will cease to accrue. The date of disconnection will be considered the date of application in CTA.