Advice 1: How to refuse a radio receiving station in Moscow

The radio is present in all apartments, unless the owners abandoned it. Before wired radio played in people's lives a big role. They woke up to the sounds, listening to news, music or theatrical performances. Today, wired, radio listens to a very small number of people, but you pay for it all, who do not refuse from this service.
How to refuse a radio receiving station in Moscow
You will need
  • - passport,
  • - the application for a waiver of the loudspeaker,
  • - receipt of payment of registration fee,
  • - certificate of absence of debts.
To disconnect a wired radio in Moscow, you have come to the FSUE "Moscow city radio broadcasting network", which will issue the Application form for waiver of radio receiving and receipt for fee payment (off – charge). FSUE radio Broadcasting network is located at the address: Moscow, ul Usievicha, d. 18, korp. A.
Now pay legal costs. Theoretically, this can be done at any Bank, but they all, with the exception of Sberbank of charge. That is why the FSUE "Moscow city radio broadcasting network" recommends to pay the bill in the savings Bank, any branch. Be sure to save the receipt.
Next you need to make sure that you do not have debts on payment for a radio receiving station. This can be done in GU is (previously this body was called EIRC), ZHKO or HBC, depending on how organized the housing authority. There request will be given a certificate stating that the debts on payment of radio broadcasting no.
When stamp duty is paid, go back to the reception broadcasting services. You need to have a passport, a completed application for a waiver of the loudspeaker, the inquiry about absence of debts, and receipt on duty payment from the Bank.
If all documents are in order, the operator will appoint the day on which the electrician to dismantle the apartment is wired radio. On this day you should be at home. The worker turned off the radio and leave a notice about that in the future the monthly fee for the service will not be charged.
There is a phone number where you can clarify the information necessary to disconnect the radio receiving: (495) 772-77-99. Any information may be obtained from the FSUE "Moscow city radio broadcasting network".

If you live in Zelenograd, it is necessary to address to other address: Zelenograd, building 123, 2nd floor. Phone office: (499) 735-24-16.
Useful advice
If payment is made through a Single payment document, or the ENP, to abandon the stations in GU is (EIRTS or) neighborhood.

When the person who furnished the radio, may not be to abandon it in person, it can be represented by a person having a notarized power of attorney.

Advice 2: How to disable the radio in the apartment

Nowadays few people use stationary radio receiving station installed in each apartment by default. However, this service is regularly billed for utility services. In order not to pay from year to year extra, disable the radio in his apartment.
Nowadays few people use the stationary radio
You will need
  • Passport, money
Go to the office of a radio network in your city. There you will be given the application for disconnection of a radio receiving station and a receipt for payment of this service (amount is quite small). The statement will need to specify how many radio sets in your apartment. Many it leads to a dead end, because the sockets are often hidden behind furniture, or under carpeting, and their location all was forgiven. In this case, just write that you have 1 socket.
Pay for the service outage. You can do it in Sberbank without the Commission or any other Bank (they can already receive the additional amount of fee).
Then you return to the window of the public reception of the radio network and provide a passport application, a receipt, a certificate on absence of debts on payment of the wired radio.
If all documents are in order, the operator will designate a day when you need an electrician to directly disable radio.
On the appointed day, the installer will check the presence in the apartment cable radio (if available), and disconnects the connection. After work, he will issue a notice confirming that you now have radios and, therefore, the fee is not charged for it. The notice you need to go to HBC or HCS.
The charging is terminated from the date of receipt of the application to disable the loudspeaker.
To disable a point, you need to go through all of the steps. You can't just stop paying for radio on the basis that it is not in use. In this case, you will face trial. Even if you win, your time and your nerves no return.

Advice 3: Where do MRI in Moscow

The popularity of such medical diagnostic procedures like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), due to the large number of accurate reliable data, obtained as a result of its passage. Using MRI it is much easier to make a correct diagnosis.
Where do MRI in Moscow

On magnetic resonance imaging is the examination of the internal organs and tissues of the human body. This uses a resonance effect of the absorption by the atoms of the cells to electromagnetic waves.

Mr-diagnostics is a very broad statement, however, is most often used for diagnosing diseases associated with impaired activity of the Central nervous system, namely brain and spinal cord, musculoskeletal (muscle-joint system, the spine and various internal organs.

MRI is performed to assess dynamic processes in organs and tissues. Using this procedure, for example, it is possible to estimate the state of flow. If necessary for a more accurate study in the body of injected contrast agent. Powerful computers, which are equipped with modern scanners, creates a three-dimensional model of any internal organs, it helps to get the most complete information and to establish an accurate diagnosis.

To undergo magnetic resonance imaging in Moscow it is possible in many medical centers and clinics. One such institution is the Russian scientific center of Rosmedtechnologies, equipped with modern high quality medical equipment. The center is located at the address: Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str. 86. Telephone number referral service of the medical institution: (495)333-91-20. Travel by metro to the station "Kaluga".

In Moscow's Kuntsevo centre, working under the scientific leadership of V. I. Dikul for MRI uses powerful modern apparatus of the open type, allowing you to undergo diagnosis and people suffering from excessive West, claustrophobia and other issues that hinder the use of classical closed MRI scanner. Help center phone: +7(495) 984-87-88. Kuntsevo centre is located at the address: 121359, Moscow, street guerrilla, 41. Travel by metro to the station "Youth".

MRI of the brain or spinal cord can be done in the Institute of Neurosurgery named after academician N. N. Burdenko. The address of the location of the Academy: Moscow, St. 4-Aya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 16. Travel on the metro station Mayakovskaya or Novoslobodskaya.

In Diagnostic clinical center No. 1 of the city of Moscow also is the procedure of magnetic resonance imaging on modern equipment. Telephone inquiry service: (495) 336-67-33. Address of the institution: Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya, d. 29, korp. 2.

Please note that diagnostic tests on magnetic resonance imaging can be carried out free of charge, under the MLA, and on a commercial basis. In the first case, patients sometimes have to wait for their turn for examination in a few days, or even weeks. The price range for paid imaging is approximately 3 to 10 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the procedure. For example, MRI of one joint can cost about 3500-5000 rubles, and a similar study of the arteries and veins of the brain - about 8500-10000 rubles.

Advice 4: Hospices in Moscow

Hospice in a medical facility in which live their last days to terminally ill people. The basic idea of such institutions is to give doomed calm and as comfortable as possible to live out their last days. In hospices do not treat, but just ease the suffering of terminally ill people. The first hospices in the world history appeared in the 6th century. But in Russia not so rich in - the first office for cancer patients was opened in the autumn of 1903 in Moscow.
Hospices in Moscow
Today in Moscow there are 7 hospices, one for each district of the capital. Thus by world standards, designed by the world health organization (who), one hospice have to serve about 400,000 people. Simple calculations show that hospices in Moscow is sorely lacking.

Hospices in Moscow

Hospice usually includes several services:
- patient Department;
Department of social work with patients;
- outpatient service (or so-called field service);
- other support services.

To give a sick relative in hospice does not mean to abandon it. Here perhaps - the presence of loved ones around sick. Hospice just significantly ease the physical suffering of the doomed patient.
The assistance provided in these medical institutions of Moscow, usually in reference to various legal issues (e.g., problems with inheritance, etc.), social and psychological problems. And work not only with patients but with their relatives. On the basis of the hospice is carried out training of volunteers to care for seriously ill patients.

Despite the fact that hospice is, in fact, not a medical institution, take here the doctors of the highest category, professionals with a capital letter. They usually have a wealth of experience with patients with cancer and know how the disease and aware of what stage of the disease are their patients, and the maximum contribute to a more comfortable (if such a concept can be applicable in this case) their stay in hospital.
Plus hospice is that the patient is in peri-domestic atmosphere and not in a hospital. Indeed, in most cases, patients end their lives in intensive care wards of a General hospital.

Hospices are divided into age categories - adult (admission from 18 years) and children. The only requirement is to show to coming to hospice patients, is the availability check in the area of hospice. Direction in the medical center to receive the relatives of the patient either with a GP or with the specialist hospice. The period of stay of patient in hospice, is not limited. Doctors say that there are rare exceptions when the person recovers and leaves the hospital in order to start a new life. But, unfortunately, it happens very rarely, because stage 4 cancer is almost the final diagnosis.

Jobs in hospices a lot. But in most cases is free positions for volunteers who are able to help the sick for free.

Pay the hospice in Moscow

Hospice is a free medical facility. But, of course, due to the fact that the financing comes from the budget, it is far from great, comfort level is not the highest. Therefore, in the capital there are also private hospices, in which the same services are provided for money.

The main difference between commercial centers in the fact that in them the level of comfort much higher than in public institutions. The rooms have everything necessary for living: TV, good quality beds, redesigned bathrooms, etc. Also pay the hospice usually has its own kitchen, which is very close to the restaurant, i.e. the food is much better and tastier and is prepared for the patient, taking into account his preferences.

As for prices, the management of such hospice claims that they are loyal enough and perfectly match the terms of price and quality. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in this type of hospice stay of a patient depends on how long they pay. As soon as the payments cease to act, the person sent home.
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