You will need
  • - passport,
  • - the application for a waiver of the loudspeaker,
  • - receipt of payment of registration fee,
  • - certificate of absence of debts.
To disconnect a wired radio in Moscow, you have come to the FSUE "Moscow city radio broadcasting network", which will issue the Application form for waiver of radio receiving and receipt for fee payment (off – charge). FSUE radio Broadcasting network is located at the address: Moscow, ul Usievicha, d. 18, korp. A.
Now pay legal costs. Theoretically, this can be done at any Bank, but they all, with the exception of Sberbank of charge. That is why the FSUE "Moscow city radio broadcasting network" recommends to pay the bill in the savings Bank, any branch. Be sure to save the receipt.
Next you need to make sure that you do not have debts on payment for a radio receiving station. This can be done in GU is (previously this body was called EIRC), ZHKO or HBC, depending on how organized the housing authority. There request will be given a certificate stating that the debts on payment of radio broadcasting no.
When stamp duty is paid, go back to the reception broadcasting services. You need to have a passport, a completed application for a waiver of the loudspeaker, the inquiry about absence of debts, and receipt on duty payment from the Bank.
If all documents are in order, the operator will appoint the day on which the electrician to dismantle the apartment is wired radio. On this day you should be at home. The worker turned off the radio and leave a notice about that in the future the monthly fee for the service will not be charged.