You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the last paid receipt for the antenna;
  • - the inquiry on absence of debts on payment for the antenna;
  • - application for disconnection of the subscriber point.
Find out the name of the company that supports your antenna. Contact details of provider of television services can be found in the organization from which come the receipt for the television. Call her and find out the information you need. If between you and the TV provider was a written contract for service, the name and contact details of the company can be specified in it.
In ERKTS (the Uniform settlement-cash centre) to take a certificate stating that you have no debts to pay for a television antenna. If the debt exists, it is necessary to pay off to the nearest post office or Bank. To use Internet payments in this case should not, as you will need the receipt to confirm the debt.
Visit the organization providing you a service of television broadcasting. Bring your passport, a certificate on absence of debts on payment for the antenna or more of paid receipts. Since the requirements in different firms differ, it's best to find out beforehand on the phone.
Write a statement, fill it out with their address, surname, name and patronymic. Further Express his desire to abandon the use of the collective antenna. Mark the date and the signature, thus confirming the intention to terminate the contract.
In some cases, termination of the contract on the use of a collective antenna is enough a phone call to the organization providing the service. Within a few days you will be visited by a specialist who will trip and give you the appropriate help.
Issued a master certificate or a photocopy of it take in a Single information and payment center in order for you do not charged a fee for the use of a collective antenna.