You will need
  • - Internet access
  • - working handset
  • - mobile phone
If the phone shows no signs of life, primarily self-check all wires and their connections. There is a possibility that the root of the problem is just in the malfunction of your phone, not a problem on the line. To find out, plug any other stationary apparatus. This probably was overlooked or you have, or your neighbors in the attic. If this unit is silent, then the problem is likely on the line. If you have a parallel phone and check its serviceability. Please note: if a communication problem coincided with the windy weather or renovation works in your home, then this is definitely a failure on the line. In this case, the test with the old phone may be waived.
Now that there is confidence in the technical problems on the line, find out which company services your telephone network. Find the phone a single service center of your operator - on the Internet or in the receipts for payment of telephone communication. Use your mobile phone or ask assistance from the neighbors if their phone is defective. Tell the operator what city you live, what your telephone number in whose name it is registered, and describe the problem.
The operator will take your request for repairs and will direct you to the wizard which should identify and eliminate breakage. Possible cause broken phone can be the gap that the company must liquidate absolutely for free. If the gap of the telephone line occurred directly in the apartment, the repair will have to pay you.
On the day of arrival of the master you will have to put aside all their Affairs and stay home. If the failure is external, the specialist will call you to phone home, to verify that the fault is corrected. If the damage occurred on your premises, you need to provide access to the master in your apartment. After some time, you should call the operator to verify the serviceability of your phone.