Visit the nearest branch of the company "the Megaphone"to get a printout of your incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Typically, this information is stored in the database of the operator quite a long time. Justify your request, write a statement and provide a passport to managers "the Megaphone" has verified your identity. If all conditions are met, you will be informed about the permission to get a printout of SMS messages.
Use the detail accounts to obtain partial information about the CMCs in the company "MegaFon". To activate this service and to obtain a printout of not only SMS, but incoming and outgoing calls. To connect detail, you need to enter on your phone USSD command *105*4*17*1#, then the printout is sent to e-mail that is registered in your name in the "MegaFon".
Go to the website of "MegaFon" on the link Go to the "Service Guide". Enter your phone number and password that will allow you to use this service. If you forgot your password or first time use, press the is proposed under the login form and a link to the appropriate SMS-message on your phone.
After you log in to "my account" service, you must bind it to your e-mail in order to get a printout of SMS in the form of emails. Go to the "bill details", select the display criteria and indicate in what form to provide the report.
Get a printout of SMS in a network "the Megaphone" with the help of outside organizations. Currently, there are many services that provide such information for a fee. You have the opportunity to learn about SMS messages not only on your number but someone else's.