You will need
  • Feedback technical support mail service Rambler.
Postal service of this company is located on Internet address According to those who tried to recover his e-mail, the chance to do it quite a bit, but still there. As it turned out, more recently the company has launched a new service which calculates the addresses that were sent the spam. A constantly growing collection of spam addresses we block.
If you are faced with this problem, write a letter to the address to indicate the reason for the blocking of your e-mail. If your recipient has got to this list and you will receive a letter with the headline "Your mailbox has been unlocked". But you don't consider yourself a spammer, so you need to write another letter in response. How I prepared a letter for support? Enough to fill it in a specific pattern.
In the early letters indicate words of welcome, the phrase "Good day" is not ethical, so drop a "Hello". Later in the letter indicate that use the mail only a few times a day and spam-mailings are not engaged.
If you believe that your computer is not infected by any viral objects, or you have recently carried out the appropriate checks, please attach a screenshot of the Windows antivirus programs. To do this, press PrintScreen or Alt + PrintScreen (screenshot of the active window). In the window of any graphics editor, including MS Paint, press Ctrl + N and Ctrl + V To save the file press Ctrl + S, enter a file name, choose png format and click "Save".
After attaching a file to the body of the email do not forget to add a word of thanks, e.g. "thanks in Advance". Click on the "Send" button. As a rule, after such a letter and have your account verified, comes a response letter indicating the reasons, and often links, clicking on which you can restore access.