Log in to your account on the following link or, click on "Forgot password?", which is located under the password field. In the form in the appropriate field, enter the email address and password from which you want to restore. Please note that you must enter the full address, specifying the domain name and the "@"sign.
Then, just below, enter the verification code shown on the page. This is necessary to confirm that you are a real person and not a fraudulent program or robot. If you find it difficult make out the characters, click on the link below, this will allow you to get a different picture. After the introduction of the characters, click on the "Continue"button.
On the opened page, enter the answer to security question provided during registration mailbox. Click "Continue". The answer should strictly correspond to the one you entered during registration.
Next, specify a new password to their email and click "Next". Log in to your mail using the new data.
If you failed to correctly answer your security question, contact technical support users. To do this, go to the page in the feedback form in detail describe your issue with your name, date of birth, password (approx), security question and answer (approximately) and so on. In addition, be sure to write the email address to which you have access, otherwise you will not be able to respond to the message.
After a few days you will receive a response from the support team of the Rambler. Be prepared for the fact that you might have to provide other specific data, for example, data about the provider, IP address, etc.